External Aid

The External Funding Database is an interactive tool to assist students in finding sources of outside scholarships and other funding.

Students may wish to review our “Top Ten Scholarship Search Tips”, which were created to help students successfully apply for and receive external sources of funding before starting their search.

Click Here to Search For External Resources!

Do you know of a scholarship available for students? A funding submission tool is also available which allows students, faculty, and administrators to submit both external and internal sources of funding to our office. Submissions will be reviewed and then placed into the Funding Finder.  Submit a new source of funding here. (Please do not submit personal inquiries with regards to financial aid, this tool is to be used only for scholarship submissions. Specific questions on financial aid should be emailed to out office at osfs@hsph.harvard.edu).

Many community organizations, scholarship search engines, and libraries also have information on external funding opportunities which students are encouraged to utilize. The Boston Public Library has a resource center that prospective students who live locally should visit.