Chinese Students and Scholars Association

Congratulations to your admission into Harvard School of Public Health! We’re excited to have you and expecting your incredible experience and performance here in the upcoming year! What’s on your mind now? Packing up or secure a housing? Well, they’re important, but believe me, the last thing you want to miss is to join in HSPH CSSA, immediately!

The Chinese Students and Scholars Association at HSPH (HSPH CSSA) is a student organization with about 300 members and 28 people in the management team. We now have eight departments including career consultancy, community service, cultural and communication, alumni relations, publicity, etc., all designed to best meet our members’ concerns. With close connection to faculty, visiting scholars, institutions and local communities, we have successfully launched a series of seminars, bringing in updated information on job market from both home and abroad, which have enjoyed wide attention and impressive feedback. Occasionally we also organized academic communications that share successful experience to help people with their own development. Moreover, our members contributed a great deal on a series of global events, which have achieved prominent impact. Our students thus have affluent opportunities to apply what they’ve learnt in class into reality and accumulate empirical experience as well as build up their social network at the same time.

Last words, we’re a BIG and WARM family, and we really enjoy both the academic life and parties to play! There’re also many cultural communication events to deepen foreign people’s understanding of us, so you’re equally welcomed even if you’re not Chinese. Don’t hesitate to join to find YOUR place!

Congratulations again to your past achievements! You’ll love your intense but fulfilling life here at HSPH! Should you have any other questions, please visit our website and feel free to contact our president Mu Chen, at