Housing Information

IMPORTANT!! Start here: Housing information from Student Affairs

HSPH is a non-residential campus. That means there is no housing office, nor are there dormitories for students. There are, however, Harvard owned properties that students may apply for at Shattuck House or through Harvard University Housing, both of which are listed below. Each has its own application process.

Because of the large student population, housing is extremely competitive in Boston and students should start their search as early as possible. Please note that most leases in Boston will start on June 1 or September 1, in keeping with the academic calendar. In general it is difficult to secure housing from a distance and many students find they need to be in Boston in order to conduct a proper search.

Please visit the HSPH Housing Resources Website for information on Shattuck, HSPH Housing and other Harvard Affiliated and Off-Campus Housing.

Harvard University Housing (PDF)