Housing Information

Prices are based on last year’s rates.

HSPH Shattuck International House

Shattuck International House, a residence owned and managed by HSPH, is home to both domestic and international students and is within walking distance to the school.  Shattuck House has a total of 70 one and two bedroom apartments housing about 87 residents.  One bedrooms range from about $1500 to $1929 per month, averaging about $1757 per month.  Two bedrooms range from about $2296 to $2514 per month, averaging about $2404 per month.  A shared two bedroom will cost each person half the full amount.

2.       Harvard University Housing

Harvard University Housing is available in a variety of prices and locations, mostly in Cambridge. Refer to their rent ranges chart for general information or to their property listings for specific rents.  Rents are set at market rates.  Please note that the Cambridge/Boston real estate market is one of the most expensive in the United States. You can lower your housing costs by sharing with a Harvard-affiliated roommate.

The closest Harvard University Housing building to HSPH is Harvard at Trilogy, 170 Brookline Avenue, Boston.  Studios range from about $1584 to $1774, one bedrooms from $2166 to $2338 and two-bedrooms from $2374 to $2792.

 3.       Off-Campus Housing

The majority of HSPH students live in non-Harvard off-campus housing and the range of rents and types of accommodations vary enormously from a single bedroom in a house to a shared apartment or a shared house.  Rents are approximately $1300 and up per month for a one bedroom apartment and $2100 and up per month for a three-bedroom apartment, without utilities.  An average price for heat and electricity is $150 per month. Because of the large student population, housing is extremely competitive in Boston and students should start their search as early as possible. Please note that most leases in Boston will start on June 1 or September 1, in keeping with the academic calendar. In general it is difficult to secure housing from a distance and many students find they need to be in Boston in order to conduct a proper search.

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