Visa Information for International Students

Please check back for more updated information in the spring 2016

If you are requesting a visa through Harvard University, we will first need:

1. Completed FCIS form
2. Funding documents to cover all costs e-mailed to Admissions
3. Copy of your passport biographic page e-mailed to Admissions
4. $20 FedEx shipping fee (strongly encouraged)

While we require a minimum of 3 weeks from the time we receive complete documentation until the time the I-20/DS-2019 is sent to you, we must triage the documentation processing by start date. For example, students starting on June 1 will be processed before students starting on July 1 who will be processed before students arriving in August.

1. There are two ways to submit the FCIS form. You can choose from the following:

A. Complete the Financial Certification Form online. Instructions are included on the form. In addition to completing and submitting this form, you will need to submit documentation as described in the instructions to our office regarding your funding sources.

B. If you are unable to complete the online form, please email admissions for a writable PDF version with accompanying instructions. Again, you will need to submit documentation to our office regarding your funding sources. Please complete, print, and sign the PDF before sending.

We require that all students mail or scan the FCIS form and supporting financial documentation to the Admissions Office. We will not accept faxed copies and incomplete forms will not be processed.

2. Determining what you will need to certify:

All personal funds must be held in the student’s name, in US dollars (no conversions), and in a US bank or bank with US branches. More information regarding opening a US bank account can be found below.

While filling out either the online or PDF form, please view the Required Levels of Support for Visa Certification showing amounts for certification. If you are starting in the summer (as a degree or non-degree student), please view the Summer Cost of Attendance list on the above PDF.

3. The passport biographic page can be scanned to the Admissions Office along with your financial documents.

4. If you would like to have your I-20/DS-2019 shipped by express mail (FedEx), please pay a $20 visa handling fee. This will allow a tracking number to be assigned to your documents. Without this payment, documents will be sent via regular mail and there will be no tracking number available.

Any questions regarding these documents can be address to the Admissions Office (617-432-1031)

Any questions regarding immigration, visa application, traveling, or the embassy can be directed to the HIO.

Boston-area banks that will open accounts for students prior to arrival:

1. Cambridge Trust in Harvard Square, Cambridge 

2. Harvard University Employees Credit Union: email:

Additional resources and materials: