Materials with Deadlines

Information on this page is updated frequently.  Please return to it often for important information for admitted students.

1. Regardless of your decision, please submit the HSPH Admissions Online Reply Form by April 15, 2014. Online payment of the $520 deposit is also available through the link. $500 will be credited towards tuition and the remaining amount is a processing fee. If you have been approved for a deferral, you can pay using this link.

2. Harvard University Health Services (HUHS) Requirements and Forms: Deadline dates for summer  and fall students are below. Incomplete or overdue forms may delay registration.  All students are required to have health insurance.

3. As a matter of policy, students may enroll in only one degree program at a time except for the following approved programs: MD/MPH, JD/MPH, SM/MSN.  Students scheduled to begin a degree program at HSPH in 2014 must show proof of degree conferral for all prior degrees.  If an incoming student has not completed the degree(s) and has not submitted the degree conferral documentation to the Office of Admissions by June 1, 2014, the student will need to request a deferral to begin studies at HSPH in 2015.  In the case of extenuating circumstances, students should contact the Office of Admissions by email at, without delay.

HUHS Forms for HSPH Students

Accommodation for Disabilities Form|Services for Students with Disabilities

Sponsored Billing Form Information

Please Keep in Mind: Important Dates and Deadlines to Remember

April 15
May 1
  • Visa documents for International Students starting in the Summer
  • Immunization form for Summer students (Please send to HUHS)
June 1
  • Visa documents for International Students starting in the Fall
June 15
  • Immunization form for Fall students (Please send to HUHS)
  • Transcripts/contingencies (if requested in your letter of admission)
Please send to transcripts:
Harvard School of Public Health Admissions Office
158 Longwood Avenue
Boston, MA 02115-5810