Queer Student Alliance

Welcome to Harvard School of Public Health!

Congratulations on your admission to Harvard School of Public Health.  On behalf of the Queer Student Alliance, we’d like to welcome you and encourage you to take advantage of all the HSPH has to offer.

The Queer Student Alliance is an organization of LGBTQ students, their significant others, and straight allies at HSPH.  Our primary goals are to provide support and space for interaction for members and friends of our community, as well as educate ourselves and the HSPH community about public health issues as they relate to queer individuals and others that affect our community.

Throughout the year, our dedicated group of students and faculty engage in social and academic activities, such as lunchtime seminars and annually a large symposium on relevant public health topics, National Coming Out Day festivities, and social mixers with other groups on campus and in the community.  Our meetings and mailing list are available to any interested students, including our straight but not narrow friends. We really try to shape the group to the interest of the current cohort and hope you will join us in the fall.