The Mental Health Student Consortium

Dear admitted student,

Congratulations on your acceptance! All of us at the Mental Health Student Consortium would like to extend a warm welcome to Harvard!

The Mental Health Student Consortium is an official HSPH group that brings together students with an interest in mental health, from a public health perspective. So far this year, we have hosted events including:

  • A journal club with the Early Childhood student group
  • A research seminar on diagnosing mood disorders in resource-limited settings
  • A joint research seminar with the Initiative for Maximizing Student Diversity
  • A careers in mental health panel
  • A holiday celebration!

This spring we will also host an expert panel/workshop on the mental health challenges faced by the increasingly diverse communities of the Greater Boston Area, as part of a larger student-run diversity conference in April. We will also continue to collaborate with other student groups and promote an integrated mental health curriculum on campus.

If you have an interest in mental health, we sincerely hope that you will join us! Feel free to drop by and say hi to us at the extracurricular fair when you come to visit in April!

Warm wishes from,

Graciela, Ravi, Young, Paul, and Katie

The MHSC board