The Global Burden of Hypothermia …

Karsten Lunze, et al. 2013


Setting Health Priorities: Strategy Versus Tactics 

by David E. Bloom, Elizabeth T. Cafiero and Michael Chu

April 2013

Health decision makers throughout the world face a multiplicity of challenges. As resource limitations are a fundamental fact of life, choices necessarily have to be made about which challenges to address, and the best way to tackle them. In this piece, we discuss the distinction between the strategic and tactical components of priority setting in health. …

Setting Health Priorities: Strategy Versus Tactics,” Bloom, D.E., Cafiero, E., Chu, M., PSI Impact Magazine. April 2013.


A Healthy Profit

by Garry Emmons

March 2013

How do you make health care for the poor affordable and self-sustaining?

Make public health delivery commercially viable

In India, a doctor is on the phone with Gita, a 39-year-old woman suffering from pain and swelling in her legs. The doctor records her symptoms and inquires about her medical history. Gita (not her real name) acknowledges that after an unsatisfactory outpatient experience at a government-run facility, she also received ineffective treatments from an untrained local practitioner. She is feeling increasing physical discomfort, general weakness, and growing alarm about her situation. …

A Healthy Profit,” Emmons, G., Harvard Business School Alumni Bulletin. March, 2013.


Private Enterprise for Public Health

David E. Bloom, Harvard School of Public Health
Michael Chu, Senior Lecturer, Harvard Business School

22. November 2012

By many measures, the world today is a healthier place than ever before, yet a daunting set of deficits and disparities remains to be tackled. For various reasons, it is not clear that the traditional tandem of government and civil society are up to those challenges. This creates an opportunity for private enterprise to fill the breach. Indeed, evidence on the actual and potential contribution of private enterprise to public health is growing.

Private Enterprise for Public Health,” Bloom, D.E. and Chu, M., Global Investor. November, 2012.