The Antares Health Priorities Matrix

An innovative approach to understanding health priorities

When making choices regarding how to direct resources, health decision-makers face an array of considerations that often are complicated and confusing. Two primary questions emerge.

• What are the most important health issues?

• How do we choose among alternative interventions that address those issues?

Antares Health Matrix Diagram

The Antares Health Priorities Matrix combines available data with personalized priorities to help public health professionals identify areas where their programs can have the greatest impact.

Modernize planning

The Antares Matrix offers health decision-makers a way to identify the health conditions that are large in scale, drive or keep a family in poverty, have a disproportionate effect on vulnerable groups, have cost-effective solutions available, and Impose long-run downstream effects for individuals or societies.

Increase efficiency

Priority setting can be a complicated and confusing process. By using an algorithm to combine available data with personal preferences, the Antares Matrix generates a ranked list of health priorities in a given setting.

Improve services

The Antares Health Priorities Matrix can be used by health decision-makers to inform the development of strategic plans and allocation of resources to health programs.