HSPH Biostatistics Computing

Software Downloads

HSPH IT supports downloads for PC and Macintosh at HSPH IT Downloads.
Some require a username and password for off-campus use.

Downloads from FAS accessible to GSAS PhD students:

There are plenty of software packages that can be downloaded from the FAS. Some of the packages can be used only via VPN (Virtual Private Network) and KeyServer.
Here are the instructions for proper download, installation and use of VPN and KeyServer:
  1. Download VPN and KeyServer from the FAS download website.
  2. Install VPN
  3. Before running the applications downloaded from the FAS website start the VPN Dialer (under Cisco Systems VPN Client on the Start Menu)
  4. On the connection screen, click the "Connect" button (the default account will get you connected).
  5. You'll be prompted for your FAS account (fas e-mail address: name@fas.harvard.edu) and password (same as your FAS e-mail password).
  6. If the client successfully connects, a little padlock will appear down by your clock. Once this appears, you can run any of the other programs.

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Last updated: 11-13-2007