Local Software

1  Statistical

2 ï¿½Mathematical

All mathematical programs mentioned below (Matlab, Mathematica and Maple) are available for download from the FAS download page. You will need your student ID number in order to obtain the software.

3  Text editors

4  Formatting packages

The main system for text formatting is LATEX (recommended). Users considering using LATEX should get their hands on the LATEX Users Guide, by Les Lamport or any other good LATEX book (check the computing lab). There is also a growing guide called The Not So Short Introduction to LATEX These documents lay out how to run these formatters and previewers that are supported. Currently installed commands on hsph are:

latex - command to format documents into dvi format

pdflatex - command to format documents into pdf format

bibtex - bibliography support

dvips - dvi to postscript (printing)

ppower4 - PowerPoint-like presentations

xdvi - dvi previewer

There is more information (with examples) on the main Computing webpage. With increasing popularity of PC-Windows machines many students use Windows-versions of LATEX. One of the most popular implementations is MikTeX.

5  Programming languages

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