Recognition of the achievement of Biostatistics students came from a variety of quarters this year. Michael Wulfsohn won the prestigious John Van Ryzin award from the Biometrics Society for his thesis work on failure time processes and longitudinal data. Three students won ENAR student travel awards: Sandra Lee, a 4th year doctoral student, Daniel Scharfstein, a first-year doctoral student, and Susan Murray, a graduating student. The Drug Information Association dissertation summary award was won by Susan Murray. The Department awards this year include: the Schering-Plough Scholarship to Hong-Wei Zhao, a first-year Master's student; the Marge Drolette prize, to Qian Li, a first-year Master's student; the Robert Reed Prize, to Constantine Daskalakis, a third-year student in a joint doctoral program in BIO & EPI; and the incoming international student award, to Xiaolin Wang, a first-year Doctoral student.
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