by Dr. Nan Laird

This has been another wonderful year for Harvard Biostatistics. The year began with Louise Ryan, who delivered our first annual Myrto Lefkopoulou Memorial Lecture in September, speaking on "Multiple Outcomes: Friend or Foe." Next September we look forward to having Michael Boehnke, Associate Professor of Biostatistics at University of Michigan as our second lecturer. Our year ended with two other special events. In May we were honored to have Professor Norman Breslow from the Biostatistics Department at University of Washington give our Schering-Plough Distinguished Lecturer Series. He gave a general lecture on "The Epidemiology of Wilm's Tumor: Are All Bilateral Tumors Hereditary?" and two technical lectures on "Two-stage Designs for Case-Control Studies" and "Generalized Linear Mixed Models." His visit gave many faculty and students in both Biostatistics and Epidemiology an opportunity to share current research ideas. In early June we had our second Harvard Biostatistics/Schering-Plough Workshop on "Handling Dropouts in Longitudinal Clinical Trials." Speakers and discussants included many current Harvard faculty (James Ware, Andrea Rotnitzky, Jamie Robins, Don Rubin, and myself), several former students, postdocs and visitors (Masa Takeuchi, Geert Molenberghs, Jeff Dawson, Tuli Cnaan and Dan Stram), and several other distinguished colleagues (Nancy Smith, FDA; Kent Bailey, Mayo Clinic; A. Heyting, Solvay Duphar B.V., The Netherlands; Paul Meier, Columbia University and Shu-Yen Ho, Schering-Plough). The workshop was attended by over 170 people from England, Japan and all over the U.S.

In the area of educational innovations, this year Dave Harrington, Donna Neuberg and myself organized a very successful course on Statistical Methods in Human Genetics. Lectures were given mainly by outside speakers on linkage, segregation analysis, issues on DNA sequencing and methods for familial aggregation. We hope to make a course in this area a regular part of our curriculum in the future.

Doctoral degree recipients in Biostatistics at this year's HSPH commencement are pictured (left to right): Bei-Hung Chang, Alicia Toledano, Marian Pugh, Julie Legler, Susan Murray, Tony Rossini, Skip Olson, Karen Keaney, Robert Zackin, and Shelly Carter-Campbell. (Elizabeth Mahoney and Michael Wulfsohn are not shown in photo.)

This summer Louise Ryan has initiated a very exciting new program for college undergraduates from historically minority universities. The three week program, sponsored by NIEHS and Frontier Science, will provide 6-8 undergraduate math and science majors the chance to find out about graduate training opportunities in Biostatistics and Public Health.

I am very pleased to announce that Louise Ryan and Rich Gelber were honored with election as Fellows of the American Statistical Association last August.

Next year we look forward to several new faculty. Joe Ibrahim has just joined us as assistant professor based at the DFCI. Joe has a Ph.D. in Statistics from University of Minnesota and spent six years on the faculty of Northern Illinois University before coming here. Rebecca Betensky will be joining us over the summer. She received her Ph.D. in Statistics from Stanford in 1992, and spent one year at Northwestern before joining us. Ian Marshner will be joining us in September; he has his Ph.D. in Statistics from La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia and has spent the last three years as lecturer, first at La Trobe University and last year at Charles Sturt University. Both Rebecca and Ian will be working with the SDAC. We are also pleased to have DeJuran Richardson join us as Adjunct Associate Professor. DeJuran is currently Associate Professor of Mathematics at Lake Forest College in Chicago; he plans to spend summers at the school teaching Biostatistics in the School's new Summer Institute in Quantitative Methods in Public Health.

I am especially pleased to announce that KyungMann Kim and Christine Waternaux have been promoted to Associate Professor. KyungMann's major area of research has been in sequential clinical trials. He continues to offer a course in sequential methods and plays an active role in the ECOG work at the DFCI, in addition to chairing our department's computing committee. KyungMann has also been awarded one of three "junior faculty mini sabbaticals" which were given out by the School for the first time this year.

Dr. David Wypij, Assistant Professor of Biostatistics (center), is this year's recipient of the School's Roger L. Nichols Teaching Award for excellence in teaching. Dr. Marcello Pagano, Professor of Statistical Computing (left), and Dr. John Orav, Associate Professor of Biostatistics (right), received teaching citations.

Christine Waternaux was promoted to Associate Professor of Psychiatry in the Medical School, and also in Biostatistics at HSPH, in January, 1994. In January, Christine accepted a position at Columbia University in New York City. She will be Chief of the Division of Biostatistics at the New York State Psychiatric Institute and Associate Professor of Biostatistics at Columbia University. We will miss Christine's wonderful contributions to our research and teaching program and our training program in Psychiatric Biostatistics and wish her the best of luck at Columbia.

We will also miss David Amato, who will be leaving the faculty this year to work with Abt Associates in Cambridge as Biostatistician. Dave has played a key role in SDAC as Director of the Division of Biostatistics. We wish Dave the best of luck in his new position.

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