1994 was another record year for Biostatistics graduates: 12 Doctorates of Science and 9 Master of Science degrees were awarded. The students who received doctorates this year are: Shelly Carter-Campbell, Bei-Hung Chang, Karen Keaney, Julie Legler, Elizabeth Mahoney, Susan Murray, Marian Pugh, Skip Olson, Tony Rossini, Alicia Toledano, Michael Wulfsohn, and Robert Zackin. Most graduating students elected to remain in academic settings. Five have accepted appointments as post-doctoral fellows: Karen Keaney at Brigham and Women's Hospital, Julie Legler at the National Institute of Child Health and Development, Susan Murray and Marian Pugh at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and Robert Zackin at the Biostatistics Dept. at HSPH. Three graduates have accepted appointments as Assistant Professors: Michael Wulfsohn at UCLA, Alicia Toledano at Univ. of Chicago Medical Center, and Tony Rossini at Penn State College of Medicine. Bei-Hung Chang and Elizabeth Mahoney have joined the staff of the New England Research Institute, and Shelly Carter-Campbell has joined the EMMES Corp. Students receiving Master of Science Degrees this year are Robert Berman, Shari Gelber, William Goggins, Peggy Hsieh, Ken Kleinman, Akiko Okamoto, Dan Scharfstein, Rebecca Stellato, and Susan Yazdgerdi.

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