This year several faculty and students in the Department were recognized nationally as well as by the School for their contributions and achievements in the areas of scholarship, leadership and teaching of Biostatistics.

Two Biostatistics Department faculty members were named Fellows of the American Statistical Association at the Joint Statistical Meetings held last August in Toronto: Dr. Dianne Finkelstein, Associate Professor of Biostatistics, and Dr. Marcello Pagano, Professor of Statistical Computing. Dr. Finkelstein was chosen to receive this honor "for leadership in AIDS and cancer clinical trials, for contributions to the analysis of survival data, for leadership on U.S. government advisory and review panels, and for service to the profession." Dr. Pagano was selected to receive this honor "for leadership and research contributions in the interface between statistics and computation and for excellence as a teacher and consultant."

Dr. Marcia Testa, Faculty Lecturer in Biostatistics, won the Donald E. Francke Award for the best publication of the year, conferred by the Drug Information Association (DIA) this June. She received the award with her co-author Dr. R.B. Anderson for their paper on "Symptom Distress Checklists as a Component of Quality of Life Measurement: Comparing Prompted Reports by Patient and Physician with Concurrent Adverse Event Reports via the Physician."

This year the Department of Biostatistics captured five of the six teaching awards presented to the HSPH community for excellence in teaching. Dr. David Harrington, Professor of Biostatistics, won the Roger L. Nichols Teaching Award for outstanding teaching of BIO 215, "Basics of Statistical Inference." Lynn Marshall, a doctoral student in Epidemiology who took the course, remarked that "Dr. Harrington taught complex material to non-Biostat students at a level they could understand. He was also very supportive and pushed us to apply the material in our homeworks and tests." Drs. John Orav, Marcello Pagano, and David Wypij, all past recipients of HSPH teaching awards, were selected to receive teaching citations. Constantine Daskalakis, a doctoral student in Epidemiology and Biostatistics, was chosen to receive the Teaching Assistant award.

Two students in the Department, Hyungjin Myra Kim and Susan Murray, received student paper awards at the Biopharmaceutical Section of last August's ASA Joint Statistical Meetings. Myra was awarded for her paper on "Assessing Drug Compliance using Longitudinal Marker Data, with Application to AIDS", and Susan was awarded for her paper on "Using Auxiliary Time-Dependent Covariates to Recover Information in Nonparametric Testing with Cen- sored Data". Myra just graduated this June; Susan, a 1994 graduate, has been a post-doctoral fellow in the Department since last July.

Six Harvard Biostatistics students have won ENAR awards this year. Tony Rossini, a 1994 graduate and, beginning this August, an assistant professor in the Department of Statistics, University of South Carolina, received one of three ENAR Student Prize awards. This award acknowledges methodologic and applied contribution of the awardee's work to biometrics research. Tony was awarded for his paper on "Estimating Dose Effect for the Analysis of Intermediately Lethal Tumors." Five of the nineteen ENAR Student Travel awards were presented this year to Department students: Michael Daniels and Joe Hogan, who recently presented their thesis dissertations; Christina Holcroft, who will be defending her thesis this summer; Mary Sammel, a 1995 graduate and a post-doctoral fellow in the Department beginning this September; and Robert Zackin, a 1994 graduate and presently a post-doctoral fellow in the Department.

Myra Kim and Sandra Lee each received one of five Drug Information Journal dissertation/thesis summary awards. The awards were presented by the Drug Information Assocation (DIA). A total of 44 students submitted thesis summaries on statistical methods relating to drug development, safety and efficacy. Myra's thesis, written under the direction of Steve Lagakos, was "Estimation of Individual and Population Noncompliance Using Longitudinal Marker Data, With Application to AIDS". Sandra's thesis, written under the direction of KyungMann Kim, was "Group Sequential Monitoring of Clinical Trials with Multivariate Outcomes". Myra and Sandra each received a $10,000 cash award, and the Department received $10,000 for each student, to be used to support their advisor's research program and professional activities.

Hongwei Zhao and Qian Li were awarded the Robert B. Reed Prize at this year's HSPH Commencement. This prize is presented each year to one or two Biostat students for academic excellence.

Additionally, the Department presented tuition awards to several of its students in the 1994-95 academic year. Helene Boucher, Phuong Dang, Paul Stark, and Hongwei Zhao were named Schering-Plough Scholars. Zhenyu Wang received the Marge Drolette Prize, given annually by the Department to an outstanding entering foreign student. William Goggins and Qing Liang were named the Department's first Pfizer Scholars; Peter Slasor received the 1994 Merck predoctoral Fellowship.

Congratulations and much continued outstanding achievement to all of you!

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