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Graduates Continue Department Tradition of Excellence

We are pleased to report that ten of our students received Doctor of Science degrees this June: Su-Chun Cheng, Michael Daniels, Ori Davidov, Michael Elashoff, Joe Hogan, Christina Holcroft, Ping Hu, John Rogus, Dan Scharfstein, and Andrea Troxel. Nine of these students have accepted academic positions. Some of them have chosen to remain within the School. Ping Hu and Dan Scharfstein are working as post-doctoral research fellows in the department; John Rogus is a post-doctoral research fellow in the School’s new Program for Population Genetics. Two of our students accepted assistant professor positions. Su-Chun is Assistant Professor in the Department of Biomathematics, University of Texas, and Joe Hogan is Assistant Professor, Center for Statistical Sciences, Brown University. Several of our students have postdoctoral fellowships outside Harvard. Michael Daniels is a postdoctoral fellow in psychiatric statistics at Carnegie Mellon University; Ori Davidov and Andrea Troxel are postdoctoral research fellows at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center; and Christina Holcroft is a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of work Environment, University of Massachusetts, Lowell. Michael Elashoff took a position with the federal government and is working in the Division of Antiviral Products of the food and Drug Administrations.

Four of our students receive Master of Science degrees: Matteo Bottai, John McGready, Paul Stark, and Joanne Wuu.

Congratulations and much success to all of you!