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Recognition of Biostat Faculty and Students

Faculty and students in the Department received awards and honors from HSPH and from several professional societies during the past year for their contributions and achievements in the areas of scholarship, leadership and teaching of Biostatistics.

Department Chair, Dr. Nan M. Laird, was recognized as "1996 Statistician of the Year" by the Greater Boston Area Chapter of the American Statistician Association for her extensive contributions and service to the profession. The award is given annually to a distinguished statistician who has made exceptional contributions to the field of statistics and has shown outstanding service to the statistical community. At the award banquet, held in her honor this past December, Dr. Laird delivered a talk on "Handling Dropouts in Clinical Trials: A Progress Report."

Dr. Marvin Zelen is one of ten statisticians who was selected this past year by the American Statistical Association's Committee for Filming Distinguished Statisticians. This honor entails a videotaping with Dr. Zelen to be included in the ASA's Videotaped Archives.

Department members received two of the six teaching awards presented to the HSPH community for excellence in teaching. Dr. Donna Spiegelman, Associate Professor of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, received a teaching citation for teaching EPI 202b, "Elements of Epidemiologic Research"; John McGready was chosen to receive the Teaching Assistant Award.

Dr. Cyrus Mehta, Adjunct Associate Professor of Biostatistics, was named a Fellow of the American Statistical Association at the Joint Statistical Meeting held last August in Orlando, FL. Dr. Mehta was chosen to receive this honor for "pathbreaking contributions to the development of computer algorithms and computational software for permutation methods; and for outstanding development and dissemination of innovative software for applications in biostatistics.

Four students in the Department, Karen Higgins, Li Chen, Qi Zeng, and Hongwei Zhao, received student paper awards from the Biopharmaceutical Section at this August's Joint Statistical Meetings. Karen, who recently presented her thesis defense, was awarded for her paper on "The effect of serial dilution error on calibration inference in immunoassay." Li, who is presenting her thesis defense this September, was awarded for her paper on "Analysis of multivariate survival times with non-proportional hazards models," co-authored with Dr. L.J. Wei. Qi, who recently presented her thesis defense, was awarded for her paper on "Bootstrap `calibrated' calibration confidence intervals in immunoassay." Hongwei, who will present her thesis defense next month, was awarded for her paper on "A consistent estimator for the distribution of quality adjusted survival time."

Qi Zeng received the David P. Byar Young Investigator Award for her paper on "Bootstrap `Calibrated' Calibration Confidence Intervals in Immunoassay." This award is sponsored by the Biometrics Section of the ASA and is presented annually to a young investigator for the best paper. Qi presented her paper at the Joint Statistical Meetings last month. Three of our students won ENAR Student Travel awards this year for contributed papers and presented their papers at the spring meetings: Ping Hu, Qi Zeng, and Hongwei Zhao.

Amy Herring was one of two winners of the 1995 Gertrude Cox Scholarship. The Gertrude Cox Scholarship was established in 1988 by the ASA Committee on Women in Statistics and the Caucus for Women in Statistics to encourage women to enter statistically-oriented professions.

Ping Hu received the Thomas C. Chalmers Student Scholarship Award presented by the Society for Clinical Trials at its annual meeting held in Pittsburgh this past May. The award was presented for Ping's paper on "Planning clinical trials to evaluate early detection programs," co-authored with Dr. Dr. Marvin Zelen.

Hongwei Zhao was one of three HSPH students this past year honored to receive the Taplin Fellow award. Each fellowship carries an award of $10,000 to be used to defray tuition costs.

Nick Horton received the Thomas Upham Scholarship this June from the committee on General Scholarships of Harvard University. Xiaolin Wang received a Medical Discovery Predoctoral Research Award this year from Massachusetts General Hospital in the amount of $10,000.

Jason Fine was awarded the Robert B. Reed Prize at this year's HSPH Commencement. This prize is presented each year to one or two Biostat students for academic excellence.

Additionally, the Department presented tuition awards to several of its students in the 1995-96 academic year. Judith Bebchuck, Bill Goggins, Shawn Wang, Zhenyu Wang, Qi Zeng, and Hongwei Zhao were named Schering-Plough Scholars. Stefan Horvath received the Marge Drolette Prize, given annually by the Department to an outstanding entering foreign student. Peter Slasor was named last year's Pfizer Scholar and received the 1996 Merck Predoctoral Fellowship. Judith Bebchuck and Zhenyu Wang were named Genetics Institute Scholars.

Congratulations and much continued outstanding scholarship to all of you!