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Faculty and students in the Department received many awards and honors from HSPH and from several professional societies during the past year for their contributions and achievements in the areas of scholarship, leadership and teaching of Biostatistics. Dr. Victor DeGruttola, Professor of Biostatistics and Director of the Adult Statistical and Data Analysis Center within the Center for Biostatistics in AIDS Research (CBAR), was named a Fellow of the American Statistical Association at the Joint Statistical Meetings held last August in Anaheim. Dr. DeGruttola was chosen to receive this honor "for leadership in the development and application of statistical methods in modeling the HIV/AIDS epidemic and in evaluating treatments for persons infected with HIV."

Richard Gelber, Professor in the Department of Biostatistics, HSPH and DFCI was awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Medicine from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden in October, 1997.

Paige Williams, Associate Professor of Biostatistics, HSPH received the 1998 James Grizzle Distinguished Alumni Award from the Department of Biostatistics at University of North Carolina this March. As part of the award, she presented a lecture entitled "Issues in the Design and Analysis of Developmental Toxicity Studies" at the 1998 UNC School of Public Health Alumni Conference.

Seven of our students won ENAR Student Travel Awards this year for papers they submitted to the annual student competition and presented their papers at this March's ENAR spring meetings. These students are: Judy Bebchuk, Patti Bernardo, Helen Parise, Meredith Regan, Zhenyu Wang, Beow Yeap, and Shu Zhang. Papers were judged for their originality, contribution to the field of biometrics, and application of the methodology by a review committee consisting of six members and headed by the past president of ENAR, Dr. Scott Zeger. Of a total of 51 papers submitted this year, eighteen awards were presented. In addition to receiving an ENAR Student Travel Award, Beow Yeap won the highly prestigious John Van Ryzin Award for the top paper submitted to this year's ENAR student award competition for her paper entitled "Robust Calibration Inference for Immunoassay." Meredith Regan was one of two additional students who received prizes for having submitted the second and third best papers in the ENAR student award Faculty and Student Awards competition. Meredith's paper is entitled "Likelihood Models for Clustered Binary and Continuous Outcomes: Application to Developmental Toxicology."

Aaron Foster and Jonathan French were awarded the Robert B. Reed Prize at the HSPH Awards Dinner which took place in May. This prize is presented each year to one or two Biostat students for academic excellence.

Theodore Hatch Whitfield was selected by the student body to receive this year's HSPH Teaching Assistant Award. Dr. Paul Catalano, this year's instructor of BIO 200ab, Principles of Biostatistics, remarked that Hatch did a wonderful job as a teaching assistant. Dr. Catalano noted that Hatch was very well liked by students and other course participants and went well beyond the call of duty. Hatch also was a teaching assistant in Dr. David Wypij's BIO 210 course, The Analysis of Rates and Proportions, another very large course offered to the general HSPH student population.

Nick Horton is the recipient of the Thomas H. Upham Scholarship for the academic year 1998-99. The award is given by the Committee on General Scholarship, FAS, Harvard University.

Additionally, the Department presented tuition awards to several of its students in the 1997-98 academic year: Sean Carter was named a Schering-Plough Scholar; Scarlett Bellamy, Tianxi Cai, Erin Kammann, and Jovonne Williams were Pfizer Scholars.

Congratulations and much continued outstanding scholarship and achievement to all of you!