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Seven of our students received Doctor of Science degrees this June: Rino Bellocco, Matteo Bottai, Qian Li, Mary Putt, Xiaolin Wang, Shu Zhang, and Hongwei Zhao. Three of these students have joined academia, three students have accepted positions in industry, and one student is still uncertain about her future place of employment.

Students who took positions in academia are Rino Bellocco, who accepted a position as a Research Scientist with the Department of Medical Epidemiology, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm; Matteo Bottai, who is at present Lecturer at the School of Economics, University of Sassari, Italy; and Hongwei Zhao, who is Assistant Professor, Department of Biostatistics, University of Rochester. Rino's thesis advisor was Marcello Pagano, and his thesis was entitled "Modification of HIV Back-Calculation Models." Matteo's thesis advisor was Andrea Rotnitzky, and his thesis was on "Asymptotic Inference in One-Dimensional Parametric Models When the Fisher Information Is Zero." Hongwei's thesis advisor was Butch Tsiatis; her thesis was on "Survival Analysis of Quality Adjusted Lifetime."

Qian Li, Xiaolin Wang, and Shu Zhang took on positions in industry. Qian's thesis advisor was Steve Lagakos and her thesis was on "Marginal Methods for Analyzing Multivariate Survival Data." Qian is working as Senior Biostatistician with Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp. Xiaolin's thesis advisor was Nan Laird, and her thesis was on "Contributions to Statistical Genetics and Survival Analysis." Xiaolin is a Statistical Geneticist with Millennium Pharmaceuticals Inc. Shu's thesis advisor was Louise Ryan; her thesis was on "Statistical Models for Informative Dropout and Feedback Outcomes and Covariates." Shu is Biostatistician with Pfizer Central Research.

Six of our students received Master of Science degrees. Patricia Stephenson and Carrie Wager are continuing in our department as doctoral students. Jovonne Williams is continuing graduate studies in biostatistics at Emory University. Lorie Benning accepted a position as a Statistical Programmer/Analyst in the Department of Epidemiology, Johns Hopkins University. Heidi Miracle-McMahill will be working as a statistician with Abt Associates in Cambridge.

Congratulations to all of you on earning your degrees and much success in your future careers in Biostatistics!