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Biostat Connections
October 1997

Connections Update

Below is news we have received from Biostat alumni and friends since last year's issue of Biostat Connections. Email links have been included here to facilitate communication among alums and friends.

Julia Bienias (ScD '93) began a new position at the Bureau of the Census in January. She works on monthly and annual surveys of retail and wholesale trade and service industries and is responsible for determining the methodology for the estimation and variance estimation for the monthly surveys.

Sue Marcus (MS '79) finished her Ph.D. in Statistics at Penn and joined the biostatistics faculty at Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia in September 1995. She is doing statistical research in the area of causal inference and collaborating with a variety of investigators. Josh is now a junior at Penn; Rachel is a high school senior; and Ben is a high school freshman. Her husband Mitch chairs the Department of Computer and Information Science at Penn.

Skip Olson (ScD '94) has been married to Sabine Raak for 2½ years. Sabine was a colleague of Skip's at Ciba-Geigy and is from Bremerhaven, Germany. After marrying, Skip and Sabine moved to Geneva where Skip started working as a biostatistician with Ares-Serono.

Tony Rossini (ScD '94) and Sally Liu recently became the proud parents of Matthias Dominic, who weighed 6 lbs. 4 oz. at birth. The parents report their baby is quite cute, definitely shares his parents' proclivity for not sleeping, and has a nice set of vocal cords. Tony is Assistant Professor in the Department of Statistics, University of South Carolina and these days is exploring the use of virtual reality as a framework for statistical research and analysis.

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