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October 1997

Graduates Continue Department Tradition of Excellence

Twelve of our students received Doctor of Science degrees this June: Janet Andersen, Hélène Boucher, Li Chen, Constantine Daskalakis, Bill Goggins, Karen Higgins, Soyeon Kim, Ken Kleinman, Qing Liang, Akiko Okamoto, Julie Alpher Scharfstein, and Qi Zeng. Seven of these students have joined academia, three students have accepted positions in industry, one student is working in the federal government, and one student is working in a research center.

Some of the students who opted for academic positions are remaining at the School. Constantine Daskalakis and Soyeon Kim are postdoctoral fellows in our department. Constantine's degree is joint with the Department of Epidemiology; Gwen Zahner and Stuart Lipsitz were his thesis advisors. His thesis was on "Analysis of Categorical Data in Psychiatric Epidemiological Studies." Soyeon's thesis was on "Covariates in Survival Studies, Topics in Design and Analysis"; Victor DeGruttola served as her thesis advisor. Soyeon devotes her time to projects with CBAR and the department's consulting lab. Janet Andersen is a Research Associate with CBAR. Janet's thesis was on "Missing Outcomes in Clinical Trials: Considerations for Failure-Time and Longitudinal Data". Louise Ryan was her thesis advisor.

Students who took positions as postdoctoral fellows outside the School are Li Chen, who is in the Division of Biostatistics, School of Public Health at the University of Minnesota, and Ken Kleinman, who is at the Department of Biostatistics, University of Michigan. Li's thesis advisor was L.J. Wei, and her thesis was on "Statistical Methods for the Analysis of Correlated Observations. Ken's thesis advisor was Joe Ibrahim; his thesis was on "Applications of Markov Chain Monte Carlo to Longitudinal Repeated Measures: Missing Data and Semi-Parametric Effects Models." Julie Alpher Scharfstein accepted a position in the Department of Health Policy and Management at Johns Hopkins University as Assistant Scientist. Julie's thesis advisor was Milt Weinstein. Her thesis title was "Cost-Effectiveness Analysis and AIDS: Methods and Application." Bill Goggins is working overseas in the Department of Public Health at Kaohsiung Medical College in Taiwan. His thesis advisor was Dianne Finkelstein. Bill's thesis was on "Monte Carlo EM Methods for Analyzing Survival Data in the Presence of Interval Censoring."

Qing Liang, Akiko Okamoto, and Qi Zeng took on positions in industry. Qing's thesis advisor was Marcello Pagano; her thesis was entitled "The Proportional Hazards Model and Interval-Censored Data." Qing is working as Biostatistician at Bristol-Myers Squibb. Akiko's thesis advisor was Robert Gray, and her thesis was on "Penalized Likelihood Estimation for Censored Data Models and Investigation of Likelihood Methods for Nonignorably Missing Data." Akiko is Senior Biostatistician at Janssen Pharmaceuticals. Qi's thesis advisor was Marie Davidian; her thesis was on "Topics in Calibration Inference for Immunoassay." Qi is Biometrician at Merck Research Labs.

Karen Higgins's thesis advisor was also Marie Davidian; her thesis was entitled "Statistical Methods for Nonlinear Models with Measurement Error with Application to Pharmacokinetics and Calibration in Immunoassay." In her work with the federal government, Karen is Mathematical Statistician in the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research of the Food and Drug Administration. Hélène Boucher's thesis advisors were KyungMann Kim and Butch Tsiatis. Hélène is Senior Biostatistician with Frontier Science and Technology Research Foundation in Brookline, MA.

Seven of our students received Master of Science degrees. Scarlett Bellamy, Knashawn Hodge, and Stefan Horvath are continuing in our department as doctoral students. Judi Manola is working at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute as a biostatistician. Mikhail Salganik is a Research Specialist and Data Analyst in the Departments of Environmental Health and Health & Social Behavior at the School. Janet Staley will start working soon in Philadelphia, and the department is still waiting to hear from Shawn Wang about his future career plans.

Congratulations on completing your degrees and much satisfaction in your profession!


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