Training Program in Environmental Health Statistics


There is a strong need for biostatisticians and statistical geneticists with training in applications related to environmental health research. Rigorous training in biostatistics, statistical genetics and genomics for environmental health sciences requires not only offerings in core statistical theory and methods, but also in specialized research areas such as measurement error methods, methods for assessing gene-environment interactions and other genomic/proteomic applications, spatial-temporal methods, and other methods for high-dimensional biologic and exposure data. All of these topics are current areas of training in the Department. Further, training leaders in interdisciplinary environmental research requires training in substantive environmental fields. The program at Harvard University is one of a small number of centers in the US that provides the kind of high-quality training that is needed on both fronts. It provides both formal coursework and practical training in statistical science, genetics and genomics, and environmental health.

Stipend and tuition support for this training program is funded through a National Institutes of Health grant (T32 ES007142).