Interdisciplinary Grant in Biostatistics



The Interdisciplinary Training Grant in Biostatistics and Computational Biology aims at addressing the critical need in the "omics" era for well-trained quantitative genomic scientists who have a strong understanding of, and commitment to, cutting-edge methodological and collaborative research at the intersection of molecular biology, biostatistics, bioinformatics, computational biology, and genetic epidemiology to analyze, integrate and interpret high-dimensional genomic and environmental data.

The training program involves active participation by over thirty accomplished and experienced multidisciplinary faculty members, including biostatisticians, bioinformaticians and computational biologists, genetic epidemiologists, and molecular biologists with the goal of providing our trainees with experience in all essential elements of this emerging area. The goals of our training program are:

  • To train high-quality quantitative researchers who have excellent biological, statistical and computational knowledge, and are capable of conducting cutting-edge methodological and collaborative research at the intersection of biostatistics, bioinformatics and computational biology, genetic epidemiology, and molecular biology;
  • To train quantitative researchers to become strong leaders and effective communicators in an interdisciplinary research environment, and to enable them to conduct translational genomic research from basic sciences to population and clinical sciences focused on developing effective strategies for disease prevention, intervention, and treatments.

Trainees are pre-doctoral students at HSPH in the Departments of Biostatistics and Epidemiology, which jointly administer the grant. This training program combines elements of training in both "wet" labs in biological science and "dry" labs in biostatistics, computational biology, and genetic epidemiology, accomplished through lab rotations and directed interdisciplinary research that will prepare graduates to become leading quantitative genomic scientists.

The training grant directors are Xihong Lin (leading the biostatistical element) and John Quackenbush (leading the bioinformatics and computational biology element). Peter Kraft and Win Hide are associate directors.

Stipend and tuition support for this training program is funded through a National Institutes of Health grant (T32 GM74897).