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Disciplined rigor and tangible results

John and Irene Danilovich“Our commitment to Harvard School of Public Health is closely linked to the four
years John headed the Millennium Challenge Corporation, a U.S. foreign-aid agency
dedicated to fighting global poverty through sustainable economic growth within the
framework of good government. This experience drove home the critical importance
of disciplined rigor and tangible results, and we saw both at HSPH.

“There are many worthy causes, but we were in search of an organization that
would have a significant and lasting impact on the health and well-being of people
around the world, especially places where we have lived. As we acquainted ourselves
with the work that HSPH is doing globally, it became obvious that the School
represented our best way to make a constructive and meaningful contribution.

“The particular pathway we have chosen to accomplish this goal is through
providing funding for talented students from around the world to pursue their
educations. We want to set them free to pursue dreams that would otherwise be
impossible for financial reasons.”

— John and Irene Danilovich, members of the HSPH Leadership Council,
donors of the endowed Danilovich Family Fellowship