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Giving to the School

give-now campaign buttonThank you for your interest in supporting the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. Your philanthropy plays an essential part in our work to promote powerful ideas for a healthier world.

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Support Infrastructure

Types of Gifts


Endowed professorships: Attracting and supporting the best faculty
  • This highest honor bestowed upon current faculty members is a critical means of attracting new talent to the School.
  • Full professorships for existing faculty members: $5,000,000 endowment plus $500,000 current use
  • Full professorships for new faculty members: $5,000,000 endowment plus $1,000,000 current use
  • Junior professorships, supporting faculty earlier in their careers: $2,500,000 endowment plus $500,000 current use

Scholars and scholarships: Attracting and supporting the best students
  • A robust financial aid program ensures that the School will continue to attract the world’s most promising future leaders in the field.
  • Endowed funds
    • Doctoral fellowship funds start at $1,000,000*
    • Named fellowship funds start at $250,000*
    • General financial aid funds start at $100,000
  • Current-use funds
    • Named current-use scholarship funds start at $50,000
    • Unrestricted gifts of any amount are welcomed to support the Harvard Chan Scholarship Fund. These funds are spent down in their entirety each year and must be replenished on an annual basis.

* Endowment funds of approximately $1,000,000 are required to cover 100% of one student’s costs annually. Learn more about our students.

Lifelong learning and leadership
  • Endowed senior leadership fellowship funds start at $2,000,000


Transforming public health education
  • Endowed educational strategy funds start at $250,000
  • Current-use educational strategy funds start at $50,000
  • Endowed faculty development funds start at $2,000,000

Funding for specific programs and priorities: Advancing research and field work

Dean’s Fund for Innovation: Flexible funding for fast-moving priorities
  • Flexible giving that empowers the Dean to apply funds in the area of greatest need, making the School more nimble in responding to emerging challenges and opportunities and fostering new discoveries that lead to improved health for people across the globe.
  • Endowed Dean’s innovation funds start at $250,000
  • Current-use gifts of any amount are welcomed to support the Dean’s Fund for Innovation


Facilities and buildings: Building a campus for the 21st century
  • Some of the most exciting opportunities to have a major philanthropic impact on the School and leave a lasting legacy of change through this Campaign involve creating and upgrading the campus and facilities needed to advance the School’s educational mission, impact in the field, and ability educate and collaborate with students and colleagues across the globe.
  • Endowed facilities and infrastructure funds start at $250,000
  • Current-use facilities and infrastructure funds start at $50,000

For more information about how you can get involved in creating a public health campus for the 21st century, please contact Michael Voligny, Vice Dean for External Relations, at (617) 432-8449.

Big Data research and faculty: Strengthening the intellectual foundations of public health

For more information about how to support Big Data faculty and research, please contact Michael Voligny, Vice Dean for External Relations, at (617) 432-8449.

Types of Gift

Unrestricted gifts: Responding to need
  • Current-use gifts empower the Dean to apply funds in the area of greatest need, respond quickly to changing circumstances, and take advantage of emerging opportunities. Gifts in any amount are welcome.

Annual gifts: Sustaining the School’s mission
  • Annual Fund gifts in any amount go to work immediately to help bridge critical funding gaps for promising research initiatives, attract and support brilliant faculty members and students, and sustain the day-to-day work of the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

For more information please contact Morgan Baker, Assistant Director of Individual Giving, at (617) 432-8436.

Bequests, trusts, and other planned giving arrangements: Creating a legacy of support
  • By making a planned gift, you can make a significant gift to the Harvard Chan School while gaining financial and tax benefits for you and your family. Whether you make a gift that pays you income or a gift that benefits the School after your lifetime, your contribution will have a lasting impact.

For more information about bequests, gifts of retirement plan assets, charitable gift annuities, charitable trusts, or other planned giving arrangements, please contact Judi Cantor, Director of Planned Giving, at (617) 432-8071 or visit our website.

Corporate and foundation grants: Creating institutional partnerships
  • The Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health is engaged in collaborative relationships with numerous corporations, foundations, and government agencies whose interests are aligned with the School’s research and academic mission.
  • Our Institutional Partnerships team works closely with members of the faculty and administration to identify areas of strategic alignment, forge external collaborations, and generate support for students, faculty, and research programs from corporations and foundations.
  • We welcome opportunities to explore and build mutually beneficial alliances, including research, consulting, and technology transfer collaborations; recruitment opportunities; and internship programs.

If you are interested in learning more about the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health or establishing a strategic partnership with the School in a particular area, please contact Kristen Stoll, Institutional Partnerships Coordinator, at, or 617-432-8424.

Tribute gifts: Honoring a mentor, friend, or family member
    • Gifts in memory or in honor of an individual can be made during one’s lifetime or through bequests.
    • Tribute gifts are a wonderful way to commemorate a special occasion or to honor a mentor or friendship. Many individuals choose to memorialize the passing of a family member, friend, or colleague with a gift that advances the educational and research mission of the Harvard Chan School.

To learn more about making a tribute gift, please call us at (617) 432-8470 or send an email to

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