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Student Giving Campaign

The HSPH Class of 2013 Student Giving Campaign encouraged graduating students to make a gift to the HSPH Scholarship Fund. The School’s newest alumni donors, listed below, have shown their commitment to the School’s mission and to its future students. Read more about why people support HSPH.

Chi Young Bahk, SM ’13
Melinda J. Becker, SM ’13
Nickhill H. Bhakta, MPH ’13
Karen Biala, SM ’13
Jacob H. Bor, SM ’09, SD ’13
Richard E. Chinnock, SM ’13
Lucas de Toca Zavala, MPH ’13
Michelle L. Dossett, MPH ’13
Carlos Duarte, MPH ’13
Jennifer L. Garza, SD ’13
James N. Gilbert, SM ’13
Maria Joachim, SM ’13
Anne Y. Kim, SM ’13
Meng Chon Lam, MPH ’13
Grace Y. Lee, MPH ’14
Hong Yee Lo, MPH ’13
Rebecca G. Maine, MPH ’13
Renicha McCree, MPH ’13
Marie-France M. McIntee, MPH ’13
Natalie K. Meyers, SM ’13
Shana R. Montrose, MPH ’13
Anne M. Newland, MPH ’13
Nkechi T. Onwuka, MPH ’13
James R. Partin, SM ’13
Chirayu G. Patel, MPH ’13
Josee L. Pilon, MPH ’13
Tuba Rashid Khan, MPH ’13
Martin Reidy, SM ’13
Mary Mwanyika-Sando, MPH ’13
Claire E. Schreiber, SM ’13
Lucy Schulson, MPH ’14
Eric J. Seymour, MPH ’14
Graham M. Snyder, SM ’13
Laurel A. Sticklor, SM ’13

Read more about why donors support HSPH.