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Supporters of the Centennial Celebration and Campaign launch

Harvard School of Public Health’s Centennial Celebration and Campaign Launch—our event of the century—was a joyous celebration of the School’s hundred-year legacy and its bright prospects for the future. The list below recognizes individuals and organizations who contributed to the event by purchasing event support packages or tickets to attend the evening’s festivities. Read more about why people support HSPH.

Centennialist level ($100,000)

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Angelopoulos
Jonathan S. Lavine, MBA ’92 and Jeannie Bachelor Lavine, AB ’88, MBA ’92
Catie and Donald Marron

Innovator level ($50,000)

Charoen Pokphand Group
Eileen and Jack Connors, Jr.
Monika and Matthew McLennan
Lily Safra

Champion level ($25,000)

Ray Chambers and The Amelior Foundation
Joan and Barrie Damson, AB ’56
Katie Vogelheim and John Hansen, AB ’81, MBA ’85
Irene Pollin
Rosemary and J. Frederick Weintz, Jr., MBA ’51

Ambassador level ($10,000)

T. Robert and Katherine States Burke, AB ’79
Christy Turlington Burns
Holly Hayes and Carl Stern, AB ’68
Julius and Joan Jacobson
Ralph M. James, MBA ’82
Stephen Kay, AB ’56, MBA ’58 and Lisbeth Tarlow, AM ’72
Nancy Lukitsh, MBA ’80
Novo Nordisk
Mary Revelle Paci
Public Consulting Group
Tracey and David Scheer, AB ’77
EMD Serono
Fredericka and Howard Stevenson, MBA ’65, DBA ’69

Advocate level ($5,000)

John and Jane Bradley
Pamela Dippel Choney, MBA ’84
Dr. Lawrence H. and Roberta Cohn
Florence Koplow, MPA ’95
Beth and Carmine Martignetti
Deborah Rose, SM ’75
Clare Villari and David Weinstein
Kim Williams and Trevor Miller

Individual Supporters

Laurent H. Adamowicz and Rumiko Mizuuchi-Adamowicz
Teresita Alvarez-Bjelland, AB ’76, MBA ’79
Loreen Arbus
Arthur Bugs Baer, AB ’54, MBA ’58
Susanna E. Bedell, MD ’77
Lisa F. Berkman, AM ’95
Rita D. Berkson, SM ’77 and Randolph B. Reinhold
Alicia W. Blatchford
Robert J. Blendon, AM ’87 and Marie C. McCormick, AM ’91
James A. Bougas, MD ’48
J. Jacques Carter, MPH ’83 and Luella F. Carter
Jessica Chaudhary, MPH ’13
Humayun J. Chaudhry, SM ’01 and Nazli Chaudhry
Cynthia L. Cohen, SM ’76
Prudence Slitor Crozier, PhD ’71 and William M. Crozier, Jr., MBA ’63
Eduardo Cruz and Karina Cortorreal
Anne Fitzpatrick Cucchiaro and Stephen Cucchiaro
Joan P. Curhan and Ronald C. Curhan, MBA ’57, DBA ’71
Mitchell L. Dong, AB ’75
Judith A. Dwyer
Arnold M. Epstein, AM ’72
Sumner L. Feldberg, AB ’45, MBA ’49 and Esther Feldberg
Samuel A. Forman, MPH ’77, SM ’80 and Yulika E. Forman
Fred K. Foulkes, MBA ’65, DBA ’68
Dana H. Gabuzda, MD ’83
Larry S. Gage, AB ’68 and Carol J. Gage
Rose Goldman, MPH ’80, SM ’81 and Alan Drabkin
Susan M. Guillory
Laurence J. Hagerty
Robin Herman
David J. Hunter, MPH ’85, SD ’88 and Leona D. Samson, AM ’92
Margaret Igne-Bianchi
Susanna J. Jacobus, SM ’03
Edgar N. James, JD ’78, MPH ’79
Erin K. James, SM ’14
Vincent W. James
Susan Kaitz
Elsbeth Kalenderian, MPH ’89
Ellen L. Kaplan and Robert S. Kaplan, AM ’85
James A. Kaye, AB ’75, MPH ’99, DPH ’01 and Kim Rubin
Nancie Koenigsberg
Nisha Kumar, AB ’91, MBA ’95
Ana M. Langer
Jennifer Leaning, AB ’67, SM ’70
Lucian L. Leape, MD ’59 and Martha P. Leape
Hee Ja Lee
Garrick H. Leonard, MD ’87 and Leslie M. Feder, AB ’81, MBA ’85
Barbara Lind
John H. MacMillan IV and Louise P. MacMillan, SM ’78
John E. McDonough, MPA ’90
Augustine E. Moffitt, Jr., SM ’69, SD ’73 and Joanne Moffitt
Dariush Mozaffarian, DPH ’06 and Rebecca Mozaffarian
Rebecca C. Obeng, MPH ’14
Adeoye Y. Olukotun, MPH ’83 and Judy Olukotun
Fredrick K. Orkin, MD ’68, SM ’01 and Susan L. Orkin
Joseph Paresky and Susan Paresky
Roslyn B. Payne, MBA ’70 and Lisle Payne
Susan Putnam Peck, AB ’79, SM ’87, SD ’91
Susan Butler Plum
Beatrice Podtschaske
Thomas D. Polton, SM ’83
Robert C. Pozen, AB ’68
Lawrence Rand
Kathleen T. Ruddy
Bernard Salick and Gloria Salick
Srinivas M. Sastry, MPH ’90
Kate W. Sedgwick, MPH ’10
Robert P. Smith and Salwa Smith
Alix Smullin and Joseph I. Smullin
Lynn Shapiro Snyder
Amy A. Spies, AB ’75 and Gary E. Gans
Ellie Starr
Ellana Stinson, MPH ’14
Patti Stoll and Michael Gladstone
Richard H. Stowe, MBA ’70 and Natasha Stowe, AB ’82, MBA ’89
Huey-Jen Su, SM ’87, SD ’90
Yanfang Su, SD ’15
Edwin J. Taff, MBA ’65 and Lynn R. Taff
Maurice Tempelsman
Samuel O. Thier, AM ’94 and Paula Thier
Ibou Thior, SM ’96 and Tonya L. Villafana, MPH ’00
Ming Tsai
Isabelle Valadian, MPH ’53
Gina Vild
Michael Walsh, AB ’83, MBA ’87
Marilyn R. Walter and Ronald A. Walter, SM ’72
Abby Wang and Fair H. Wang, SM ’92
Monica Wang, SM ’09, SD ’12 and Michael Richardson
Karen B. Watson and Stuart H. Watson
Gail V. Willett and Walter C. Willett, MPH ’73, DPH ’80
Jay A. Winsten and Penelope Greene
Sarah K. Wood
Youko Yeracaris

Centennial Gala Committee

Loreen Arbus
T. Robert and Katherine States Burke, AB ’79
Gerald L. Chan, SM ’75, SD ’79
Eileen and Jack Connors, Jr.
Joan and Barrie Damson, AB ’56
Countess Albina du Boisrouvray
Esther and Sumner Feldberg, AB ’45, MBA ’49
Holly Hayes
Stephen B. Kay, AB ’56, MBA ’58 and Lisbeth Tarlow, AM ’72
Jonathan S. Lavine, MBA ’92 and Jeannie Bachelor Lavine, AB ’88, MBA ’92*
Nancy Lukitsh, MBA ’80
Catie and Donald Marron
Monika and Matthew McLennan
Ronay and Richard Menschel, MBA ’59**
Roslyn Payne, MBA ’70
Swati A. Piramal, MPH ’92
Penelope Pollard and Michael R. Pollard, JD ’72, MPH ’74
Lily Safra
Amy A. Spies, AB ’75
Christy Turlington Burns
Clare Villari and David Weinstein
Katie Vogelheim and John Hansen, Jr., AB ’81, MBA ’85
Rosemary and J. Frederick Weintz, Jr., MBA ’51

* Campaign Co-Chairs
** Honorary Campaign Co-Chairs