Tribute Gifts

Tribute gifts offer a meaningful way to advance the work of the School while also recognizing a beloved family member, friend, or colleague. Individuals who were honored with a tribute gift in fiscal year 2014 are listed below. Read more about why people support the Harvard Chan School.


Lisa F. Berkman
Mrs. William McCormick Blair, Jr.
Gerald H. Blum
Lilian W. Cheung, SM ’75, SD ’78
E. Francis Cook, SM ’77, SD ’83
Michael Curren
Marilen J. Danguilan, ’99
Sumner L. Feldberg
Joseph F. Fraumeni, Jr., SM ’65
William C. Hsiao
Nancy M. Kane
Estelle Lee
Laura Matson
Alexander McCall Smith
Rima E. Rudd
Shan V. Sayles
Jules R. Schwaber
Jane Shure
Ivy Silver
Rachel Silver
Kristen Snow
Ellie Starr
Brian J. Swann, MPH ’08
Mary A. Tavares-Sutula, MPH ’80
Nancy Turnbull
Edward F. Voelkel
Lee-Jen Wei
Marvin Zelen †
Thelma Zelen


James W. Bridges
Joseph E. Brooks
Evelyn M. Cormier
Susan Curren
Donald F. Hornig
Hyoung O. Lee
Alan S. Morrison, SM ’69, SD ’72
Melvin R. Seiden
Seymour Slive
Fredrick J. Stare
Edward F. Voelkel
Donald M. Watkin, MPH ’65
Bertram A. Yaffe

† deceased