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Oriented toward implementation

matthew mclennan 470x313_3“Most people view medical research in a patient-centric way. But I’ve come to see that public health research provides the foundation. I am impressed with the breadth of the work at HSPH, from demographics to genetics. With faculty members who are not only world-leading researchers but also oriented toward implementation, the School is uniquely prepared to deliver on its mandate to make the world a better place. HSPH is at an interesting point in its evolution, with new initiatives such as Women and Health, training for health ministers, and the Forum events building on a multigenerational track record of pioneering research. But this growth is put at risk by potential cuts in federal funding for research. We felt this was a great opportunity to contribute to a great cause.”

Matthew McLennan, Head of Global Value, First Eagle Investment Management, and his wife Monika McLennan. The McLennans are members of the Board of Dean’s Advisors and the Leadership Council Executive Committee.