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Prevention is the smart way to go

Stephanie Rico“Everyone should be able to enjoy healthy, prosperous, vibrant communities and neighborhoods. Plus, when communities are strong, businesses are strong. It all cycles together. We can’t have a strong economy without a healthy population.

“This is why we are thrilled to be collaborating with Harvard School of Public Health—an organization so clearly in the forefront of finding ways to integrate health into the larger concept of corporate social responsibility and sustainability. I don’t know of any group doing as much in this area and doing it so well. Through our support of the Center for Health and the Global Environment, Wells Fargo is helping to develop a clearer understanding of alternative energy sources—including its relative costs and best practices designed to protect human health. This is directly related to energy lending, an important aspect of our business.

“We are also very excited about groundbreaking research on the worldwide declines in honeybee colonies. This is a hugely important issue since bees are necessary to pollinate crops, and a massive loss of honeybees is likely to result in billions of dollars in agricultural losses. Again, this research is directly tied to our business goals and the economy, as Wells Fargo is a large agricultural lender, and our agricultural customers rely heavily on bees. We’ve funded a number of studies to understand colony collapse disorder and what’s causing it, with the goal of helping to prevent this potential disaster from unfolding.

“When we think about human health, we are taking a proactive stance and focusing on long-term impact. We can’t rely on Band-Aids. Prevention is the smart way to go.”

— Stephanie Rico,  Vice President of Environmental Affairs, Wells Fargo