Past NCI Fellows

Whereabouts of some former NCI Pre and Post doc fellows

Name Current Institution Current Position
Roy Ahn MGH, Center for Global Health Senior Administrative Manager
Lorien Abroms George Washington University Assistant Professor
Jennifer D Allen Dana Farber Cancer Institute
Harvard School of Public Health
Boston College School of Nursing
Scientific Associate
Adjunct Assistant
Assistant Professor
Gillian Barclay Pan American Health Organization Inter Country Advisor
Amy Biel University of Kansas Medical Ctr. Partnership Program Manager
Carolyn Cannuscio University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine Assistant Professor
Patricia Case University of Vermon Assistant Research Professor
Janet deMoor Sterner Ohio State University College of Public Hlth Assistant Professor
Pebbles Fagan Cancer Prevention and Control Program
University of Hawaii Cancer Center
Director, Associate Professor
Anthony LaMontagne The University of Melbourne Associate Professor
Kimberly Lochner National Center for Health Statistics Epidemiologist
Melissa Perry Harvard School of Public Health Associate Professor
Rachel Shelton Columbia University Assistant Professor
Sapna Synga BWH, DFCI and Harvard Medical School Associate Professor
Kathleen Yaus Wolin Washington University School of Medicine Assistant Professor