Pictures and Testimonials

Thank you to everyone for making our career events so successful! Check out the positive feedback we received from organizations and students…  

Student Testimonials:

cvsI thought the career fair was a great way to put a face with the name of the company. I think it was very accessible and easy to talk to all of the companies.
-Priti Lakhani, Student

The Spring Career Fair was a great way for me to meet representatives from various organizations and companies and to practice my networking skills.
-Karen Biala, Student

The Career Fair was an effective means for me to explore and gain additional information about various public health job opportunities available in local, national, and international settings.scfoverview The Fair also gave me the chance to network and connect with prospective employers on a personal level. I highly recommend attending the Spring Career Fair and other events like it for anyone who is actively seeking a career/job in public health or other related fields. – Alumna

Employers Testimonials:

jpal Really great candidates. Some of the best and brightest global public health minds I have ever talked with in the industry. Will definitely be back!
-Matthew West, McCann Health

The Career Fair was very well prepared and organized, with comfortable, ample space and well-qualified candidates. The room is very appropriate for conversation.
Connie Bevivino, Plan International

A very nice experience. The students were excellent and perfectly suited for our field. -Management Sciences for Health

Great experience! It was easy to find and great working with everyone at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
-Grassroots Soccer