Humanitarian Studies, Ethics, and Human Rights

Humanitarian emergencies, natural and man-made, have cataclysmic public health implications for communities and especially for the most vulnerable populations. The increasing complexity of humanitarian crises has raised the stakes for providing in-depth and effective training for those who participate in relief and development efforts.  This concentration provides an organized program of study that focuses on the normative underpinnings and practice of humanitarian response. The curriculum covers a broad range of areas including human rights, international humanitarian law, civilian protection, disaster response, coordinated aid, crisis dynamics, sector-based assistance, health and human security of internally displaced people, geopolitical context, monitoring and evaluation, strategic planning, situation analysis, and ethics and standards. Upon completion, students are prepared to assume research, leadership, and managerial roles within the humanitarian and human rights community.

Contact Information:
Negeen Darani, executive director
Humanitarian Academy at Harvard
Phone: 617-496-1355