Maternal and Child Health/Children, Youth, and Families

The goal of this concentration is to improve the health of children and their families through educating leaders in maternal and child health/children, youth, and families (MCH/CYF). This interdepartmental concentration is geared toward students who desire careers in public health programs for children and their families, and those interested in research and/or teaching in this area. The curriculum focuses on the health problems of the target population, programmatic and policy responses, appropriate research techniques, and specific leadership skills in courses in the four participating departments: Social and Behavioral Sciences, Global Health and Population, Nutrition, and Epidemiology. The MCH/CYF concentration consists of four areas of study: human development and disparities in health, child rights and global health, physical growth and nutrition, and characterization of the health problems of children and their families. As the concentration does not offer a degree, prospective students must apply to a department-based degree program and must complete the requirements for both the academic program and the concentration. The number of required credits for the concentration ranges from 7.5 to 10, depending on the student’s degree program.

Contact Information:
Trish Lavoie, senior coordinator
Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Phone: 617- 432-0964
Fax: (617) 432-3755