Obesity Epidemiology and Prevention

This interdisciplinary concentration is designed for students interested in training in the theoretical, methodological, and applied knowledge and skills necessary to conduct obesity-related epidemiologic and prevention research. The concentration includes obesity epidemiology and prevention in international settings. Areas of training include assessment of obesity in individuals and populations; biological and social determinants of obesity; epidemiologic and prevention study designs; health and social consequences of obesity; worksite-, community-, and school-based interventions; gene-environment interactions; and global obesity epidemiology and prevention. As the concentration does
not offer a degree, prospective students must apply to a degree program, which can be in any of three departments: Nutrition, Epidemiology, or Social and Behavioral Sciences. Students must fulfill the requirements of the home department, which issues the degree, and the requirements of the concentration, which include core courses in nutritional
and obesity epidemiology and obesity prevention. The concentration is limited to doctoral and two-year master of science students.

Contact Information:
Obesity Epidemiology and Prevention Program Office
Department of Nutrition
Phone: 617-432-1333
Fax: 617-432-2435
Web: hsph.harvard.edu/obesity-program/students/