Epidemiology of Infectious Disease

This interdisciplinary concentration has a well-established multidisciplinary approach, with a transdepartmental foundation for education and research that includes the Departments of Biostatistics, Epidemiology, Global Health and Population, Health Policy and Management, and Immunology and Infectious Diseases. These departments participate in the interdisciplinary concentration in the epidemiology of infectious disease, which focuses on population studies incorporating both epidemiologic and laboratory methods of addressing global infectious disease. This concentration is intended to provide training for those students who desire careers in research and teaching in infectious disease. As the concentration is a nondegree program, prospective students must apply to a program in one of the participating departments, which will issue the degree. Upon matriculation, students may elect to participate in this concentration. Students are responsible for fulfilling the requirements of the academic program within the home department in addition to the requirements of the concentration. Students who complete the required 15 credits receive a letter of completion.

Contact Information:

Claire Berman, director of health education and communication
Phone: 617-432-1853
Fax: 617-566-7805
Email: cberman@sdac.harvard.edu
Web: http://idepi.hsph.harvard.edu/pages/index.php