Health Fees

Health Fees, August 2014–July 2015
HUSHP Student Health Fee (SHF): Semester Year
Individual $496 $992
HUSHP Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) Semester Year
Individual $1,183 $2,366
Family Plan:
Semester Year
Family (student plus spouse)  $4,348 $8,696
Family (student plus spouse and one child)  $5,749 $11,498
HUSHP Student Health Fee (SHF)
SHF provides comprehensive prepaid medical care, such as physical examinations, physician visits, laboratory tests, psychological counseling, and emergency services. The HUSHP Student Health Fee is compulsory for all degree candidates and special students registered for more than 10 credits in a semester. Others may elect to waive SHF coverage; this must be done by July 31 for fall and by January 31 for spring.
HUSHP Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP)
Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) Hospital/Specialty and Medco Prescription Drug Coverage plan provides extensive benefits for ambulatory and inpatient care not offered at University Health Services. The HUSHP Student Health Insurance Plan coverage is compulsory for all nonimmigrant international students and for all other students who do not have comparable insurance. International students whose spouse and/or children also will be living in the United States are required to enroll in the family plan. U.S. students who have comparable insurance may elect to waive the HUSHP Student Health Insurance Plan; this must be done by July 31 for fall and by January 31 for spring.Note: HUSHP SHF and SHIP coverage extends from August 1 through July 31.