Letter From The Dean

Dean's photoIn 1913, a group of foresighted faculty members at Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology founded the Harvard-MIT School for Health Officers, which played a seminal role in the formation of higher education in public health. This was the birth of the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH). The 2013–14 academic year marked our centennial. As we begin our second century, HSPH continues to lead the field with innovative approaches to educating current and future leaders and researchers in public health. We will launch the new part-time online and on campus Harvard Master’s of Public Health in Epidemiology in 2015–16. Our new doctor of public health degree program welcomed its inaugural class in July 2014, and is now recruiting its second class of future public health leaders. As a launching platform for leadership in the field, the School of Public Health embraces its commitment and responsibility to attract students who are diverse in their talents, aspirations, and backgrounds.

Across our degree programs, HSPH offers access to an unparalleled community of students, scholars, and leaders. Our students come from around the world, and they find that they have a greater impact as alumni because of the unique opportunities for learning and leadership at Harvard. The intellectual interests of our faculty range from molecular biology to the epidemiology of cancer, from women’s and children’s health to nutritional biochemistry, from health care management to human rights. Students have the opportunity not only to take classes at the School of Public Health, but also to interact with students and faculty at other schools within Harvard University, including the Law School, Medical School, Business School, and Kennedy School of Government. This is all part of the transformative educational experience that awaits you at Harvard.

We are guided in our endeavors by the twin values of excellence and relevance. The Harvard School of Public Health is committed to making major investments in the next generation by identifying and developing new opportunities for our master’s and doctoral degree students. Our goal is to provide the highest level of education for public health practitioners, policymakers, and scientists. The departments and programs described in this catalog reflect the full scope of the public health enterprise and the expertise of our faculty, ranging across life sciences, quantitative methods, population-level analyses, and social and policy disciplines.

Over the last 100 years, public health has led to the improvement of the duration and quality of human lives around the world. We invite you to join us in confronting challenges to health as they unfold — and in advancing the solutions that will safeguard our communities, both local and global, as we embark together on Harvard’s second century in public health education.

Best regards,
Julio Frenk, MD, MPH, PhD
Dean of the Faculty
T & G Angelopoulos Professor of Public Health and International Development
Harvard School of Public Health and John F. Kennedy School of Government