Research Interests

Catherine Kreatsoulas is a Fulbright Scholar and a Heart Stroke Research Fellow working under the mentorship of Dr. Subramanian at the Harvard School of Public Health in the Department of Social and Behavioural Sciences.  Dr. Kreatsoulas received her Doctorate degree in Health Research Methodology (clinical epidemiology and biostatistics) from McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada, in 2011.  Her doctoral dissertation entitled, “Understanding Sex/Gender in Cardiovascular Disease” found some controversial findings and several studies have received wide international media attention.

Dr. Kreatsoulas’ research is focused on developing innovative ways of exploring new methodologic approaches and frameworks that incorporate aspects from clinical and social epidemiology to improve the health outcomes of individuals and populations. Current research interests are clustered around four broad areas of chronic disease epidemiology: to examine the influences of distal and proximal indicators of health/disease, including social determinants of health, among both paediatric and adult populations, to explore the newly emerging concept of multimorbidity outcomes of individuals, to identify social inequalities at a population and global health level and to develop new frameworks that encompass a holistic approach that seek to incorporate findings across the life course.

Some of Dr. Kreatsoulas’ other pursuits include degrees in physical (forensic) anthropology and piano performance, where she maintained a private music studio for 20 years.