Facilities and Equipment

Tobacco Research Facility

The Tobacco Lab is located near the main HSPH campus. The facility is equipped to perform basic tests on tobacco products and research with human subjects.

Research capacity includes:

  • Cigarette physical design analysis (physical features, ventilation, pressure drop)
  • Cigarette ignition propensity (fire safe testing)
  • Human smoking topography
  • Collection of biomarker measures of human exposure to tobacco toxins
  • Secondhand smoke measurement and characterization
  • Air quality monitoring in public places
  • Assessment of consumer responses to products and messaging, using:
    • Cognitive interviews
    • Focus groups
    • Standard survey methods
    • Web-based surveys
  • GPS tracking for assessing location of public tobacco advertising within communities

    Lab Machine

Lab facilities and equipment include:

  • Custom-developed air exchange and filtration system
  • Cigarette conditioning chamber
  • Cigarette ventilation and pressure drop equipment
  • Cigarette ignition propensity testing chambers
  • SidePak AM510 fine particle aerosol monitors (for secondhand smoke emissions)
  • Q-TRAK Plus (for temperature, relative humidity, CO, CO2)
  • Pump and filter for gravimetric measurement of fine particles (for secondhand smoke emissions)
  • Smoking topography monitoring devices (Plowshare CReSSmicro and CReSS desktop)
  • Carbon monoxide monitors
  • Lung spirometric measurement device