When you were a child or young adult, was there someone in your life—a teacher, neighbor, relative, coach, friend, or boss—who encouraged you, showed you the ropes, and helped you become who you are today? That person was a mentor to you.

January is National Mentoring Month, and Thursday, January 17, 2013 is Thank Your Mentor Day.

Join many others in honoring an important mentor in your life.

Ways to Honor Your Mentor:

Write a Tribute

Have you often thought about someone who encouraged you, gave you confidence, or just pointed you in the right direction, but regret never having said "thank you?" Here's your chance to remember them by writing about how they made a difference in your life. What lessons—or words—of lasting value did they impart to you? Are there particular events or moments in your life that you recall in connection with your mentor? Tell us about them! Your stories, and the lessons they contain, will be of value to other visitors to this web site.

Submit a tribute of your own, or read the inspiring tributes submitted by others.



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Send a Card

Send a Hallmark e-card to your mentor to show your appreciation.

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"Pass It On"

Becoming a mentor to a young person in your community. Visit NationalMentoringMonth.org to find mentoring opportunities near you.

Learn more about becoming a mentor.

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