Applied Research

As China embarks on a “scientific development approach” to advance new evidence-based health policies, there has been an ever-increasing need for applied research studies. The HSPH China Initiative seeks to: a) identify major unresolved public health and health system issues facing China, b) seek funding support, and c) involve Harvard faculties and students in conducting collaborative research projects on China in partnership with members of the public and private sectors in China and internationally.

HB2020 meeting (hb2020_meeting.jpg)

Major areas, in which vigorous research studies are needed to help inform the policy-making process, include: (1) occupational and environmental health, (2) public health surveillance, (3) food safety and malnutrition, (4) tobacco control, (5) maternal and child health, (6) health and healthcare in poor rural areas, (7) new health techonlogy application, (8) health system reforms.

Following is a brief list of the most recent research projects: