China Bicycle Study

China has a rich history of bicycling, but little research has been conducted on the relationship betweenBicycle1 (bicycle1.jpg) bicycling and health and environmental benefits in China. To address this important issue, HSPH China Initiative is organizing a research project, the China Bicycle Study. Initiated by Dr. Anne Lusk, Research Scientist at the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) Department of Nutrition and supported by HSPH faculty, post doctoral fellows, and students, this first research project is conducted in collaboration with Zhejiang Universityin in Hangzhou, China. A survey will be administered among representative parents and children in Hangzhou City to learn about usage and convenience of bicycling. Future research with individuals in China could Bicycle2 (bicycle2.jpg)include preference surveys, risk reduction, behavioral research/motivation/perception analysis, health benefit identification, cost/benefit analysis, best practices, indirect benefits, and mobile source air pollution exposure and location abatement. This research could help to improve the bicycle systems in China and inform other nations about bicycling. Funding support and technical partnership for this project are welcome!

For detail, please contact Dr. Anne Lusk at (617) 432-7076 or