International Experience for “Health China 2010” (2008)

To assist the study of the major public health challenges facing China by the Chinese Ministry of Health in order to develop a strategic action plan called “Healthy China 2020”, the HSPH China Initiative was invited to provide technical assistance to the study. China Initiative engaged several HSPH faculties to generate a series of research reports on major relevant international experiences in successfully controlling communicable and non-communicable diseases, and addressing occupational and environmental health. Professors Greg Connolly, David Christiani, Frank Hu, Howard Koh, Yuanli Liu, Jing Ma, and Walter Willett collaborated on this study and produced a “Harvard Report” on major international experiences and policy recommendations, which were presented by Professor Walter Willett at a senior policy conference in November of 2008. Partial funding support for this study was provided by a gift from the HH Brown Shoe Company.