The Second China Social Development Forum

Organized by HSPH China Initiative and co-hosted by Central Party School of China (CPS), the Second China Social Development Forum was convened at Harvard University on October 25-26, 2009. Nearly 150 participants from both China and Harvard University attended the forum.

At the openning session, Professor Jorge Dominguez, Vice Provost of Harvard University, Professor Boli Zhang, Director General of Research at Central Party School and Minister Feng Xie from the Embassy of China in the United States presented remarks to audiances. Professor Anthony Saich, Director of Ash Institute for Democratic Governance and Innovation at Harvard Kennedy School of Government gave a keynots speech of “Governing China in a Period of Profound Socioeconomic Transformation”.

At the closing dinner, Professor William Kirby, T.M. Chang Professor of China Studies at Harvard University delivered a keynote speech provided his perspective to the development of China.

Coping with the rapid change and reform of China, the topics of the forum focused on key issues in Chinese society including: social equality, education and civil society, urban & rural development, public-private partnership, social values and policies, and population, environment and health.

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