China Health and Healthcare Seminar Series


Organized and hosted by the HSPH China Initiative, the China Health and Health Care Seminar Series is intended to provide a context for information sharing and dissemination, substantive discussions on both completed and on-going research in China, and networking opportunities for students and faculty to identify future areas for collaboration.

Harvard China Health Research Group

The Harvard China Health Research Group (HCHRG) is a bi-weekly serial seminar at HSPH. Lead by Dr. Bill Hsiao and Dr. Yuanli Liu, the seminar provides updates and discussions of China’s health policy issues to students, postdoctoral candidates and scholars in Harvard community and beyond.

This discussion/seminar series intend to achieve the following objectives:

(1) Keep abreast of the varieties of reforms in China and any preliminary results;

(2) Discuss own work in China that’s related to the reform and development;

(3) Analyze in some depth of some problems of the reform;

(4) Help inform a wider audience by turning some important insights from the discussions into policy briefing reports and publishable papers.