Winter Session Field Study in China


ws2007 (ws2007.jpg)

Since 2005, a 2.5 credit graduate course called the Field Study on Health System Reforms in China has been offered at Harvard University in the months of December (orientation seminars) and January (field studies in China). This course is designed and conducted by Professor Yuanli Liu, an expert on international health systems and the founding director of the China Initiative.  Each winter, a Harvard delegation consisting of 15-20 graduate students (masters as well as doctoral students) from the Harvard School of Public Health, Harvard Medical School, and the Kennedy School of Government attends Professor Liu’s seminars on health system analysis and China’s health system.  They then spend three weeks in China attending guest seminars and conducting field visits to various healthcare organizations and households, in order to develop a comprehensive understanding of China’s health sector.   Based on these experiences, they then formulate sensible policy recommendations for reforming China’s healthcare system.  At the end of the field trip, a Health System Reforms Workshop is held, where 4-5 group presentations are made on different aspects of the group’s analysis of China’s health care system. The workshop was held at the Chinese Ministry of Health in January 2006, and at Tsinghua University in January 2007. All participants of this course are required to submit research papers, some of which have been turned into publishable articles.