A Series of Health Economic Seminars Held by China Initiative

March 22-26, 2013, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Between March 22-26, 2013, China Initiative held a series of health economic seminars with guest speakers from Yale University, University of Missouri-Columbia, Lehigh University, and University of California Berkeley. The talks focused on the guests’ recent research projects and allowed the audience to engage in relevant discussions. Presentation topics included: “The Determinants and Consequences of Friendship Composition”, “The Long-term Effects of Post-Neonatal Childhood Health: Evidence from Mandatory School Vaccination Laws”, “Medicare Part D, Physicians Prescribing and Drug Utilization: a Difference-in-Discontinuity Approach”, and “ Surface Water Quality and Infant Mortality in China”.

The seminars draw great interest among faculty and students at HSPH and have fostered the cultural of learning and academic curiosity that China Initiative prioritizes.