HCHRG Workshop Discussed Women’s Health in China

February 19, 2013, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

This was the first meeting of Harvard China Health Research Group workshop in 2013 Spring Semester. This is a biweekly workshop that has been organized by Professor William Hsiao and Yuanli Liu since 2010. These meetings are intended to provide an opportunity for Harvard’s students, research fellows, visiting scholars, and faculty to discuss their on-going or planned collaborative research studies on China’s major health and development issues.

In this meeting , Dr. Jing Ma, Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital, introduced a recently initiated research project entitled: “Advancing Breast Cancer Awareness and Prevention in China”. This project is being pursued in collaboration with the All China Women Federation and is funded by the organization Goldman Sachs Gives. Participants of the meeting went on to discuss ways in which to effectively extend breast cancer education to women in rural China.