Christine Rogers

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Environmental Health

Department of Environmental Health

401 Park Drive
Landmark Center-428C, PO15677
Boston, MA 02215
Phone: 617.384.8814

Other Affiliations

Assistant Professor, University of Massachusetts Amherst
President, International Association for Aerobiology
Associate Editor, Aerobiologia


I have 5 main areas of research related to bioaerosols

  1. Innate immune response to bioaerosol exposures – Chitinase gene polymorphisms and asthma, Chitinase response upon chitin exposure, Development of an environmental chitin assay
  2. Bioaerosol exposure and asthma – Outdoor allergen exposure, sensitivity and acute asthma, Bioaerosol exposure in early life and development of asthma, Cytokine response associated with fungal exposure, Healthy public housing and indoor air quality
  3. Impact of global climate change on aeroallergen abundance and exposure – Effect of changes in seasonality and atmospheric CO2 on pollen production, Response of fungi to global climate changes
  4. New methods for detection and characterization of fungi through the airspora – Examining fungal diversity: molecular detection and identification of airborne fungi and comparison with classical techniques (microscopy and field mycology))
  5. Fungal exposure assessment method development – Appropriate fungal exposure methods for epidemiological research


Ph.D., 1996, University of Toronto